Buzzfeeed Article: Inside the Mind of…

NPR: Hannibal Buress & the Comedy of the Unexpected- Sept. 12, 2013

Montreal Gazzette: Standup by Stealth- July 10, 2013

First Order Historians Review of Animal Furnace May 16, 2012

New York Magazine 21 Questions- May 16, 2012

Rookie Magazine “Ask A Grown Man”- 2012

Interview on “You Made It Weird” Podcast on Nerdist- 2012

Time Out New York Piece- April 11, 2012

New York Times Piece- Novemeber 2011

Chortle ‘Live’ Review “Hannibal Montanable Experience” July, 2011

Verbacide Magazine Interview- July 2011

Interview on WTF Podcast with Marc Maron- 2011

Chicago Tribune article- June 15, 2011

Penthouse Interview Part 1 & Part 2

SF Weekly Article 2011 article

Rolling Stone- The 10 Funniest People..

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M Magazine- Hannibal’s Lecture

New York Magazine- Hannibal Buress’s hyperexaggerated Reality

Appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (video)

Yahoo Review of Letterman Set

Punchline Magazine: Hannibal at the Gathering

Punchline Magazine Review of “My Name Is Hannibal” review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

Pitchfork Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

AV Club Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

The Serious Comedy Site Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

Paste Magazine Review of “My Name Is Hannibal” Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

The Comic’s Comic Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

CoS Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

AM New York Review of “My Name Is Hannibal” Review of “My Name Is Hannibal”

Interview with The Laugh Button

Splitsider Letterman Review

Huffington Post

Rolling Stone: The 10 Funniest People, Videos, and Things of the Coming Year

Variety 10 Comics to Watch

ECNY Awards: Best Male Comedian

Interview with New York Magazine 9/30/09

Interview on The Interview Show w/Mark Bazer (video)

Paste Magazine article 3/3010

AV Club interview 3/29/10

NY Post article 10/30/09

Focus Features article

Interview with Slug Magazine

Interview at

Flavor Pill article

Article at 10 New Comedians Funny People Find Funny article

Chicago Now article

Chicago Tribune article

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