True Broad City Casting story.

  • Interviewer: So, it’s exciting that your Comedy Central Show, “Broad City,” got picked up for a second season. How did you get looped into working on that show?
  • Hannibal Buress: Me and (show co-star and creator) Ilana (Glazer) used to be in an underground gambling rings in Queens, and it kind of got out of hand. I was crushing her, and she was down a lot of money. I won’t get into details, but she was really down. She’s a gambling addict. I was like, “Whaddya got, ‘cause I got cash, are you still trying to bet?” In retrospect I wish that I kind of told her to chill out, you’re not really thinking with your right mind when you’re down gambling, you’re just trying to get back. She said, “I have a TV show, I could give you a role if I lose, and you have to pay me money if you lose.” And so she lost and I got my role.